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Many people, myself included, have always wanted to channel their writing into something creative. The Become a Professional Creative Writer Bundle may be just the thing for those of us with that artistic urge. This bundle should give you the skills to improve your creative writing and even develop a knack for screenwriting.

This bundle is composed of 90 lessons focused on bolstering various writing skills. For $21, you should find methods to make your writing feel more whole. This includes specific courses on creating fictional characters. If you’re more interested in film than novels, this bundle should have you covered as well. You can even find tips on what movie producers want to see in scripts to make yours stand out.

And this bundle is yours for life once you buy it. Not only can you stream it 24/7, but you can do so from your mobile device.

How to Write a Novel is a course that focuses on the essentials of, well, writing a novel. You should find a map of how to write a novel from scratch. As you navigate the process, you can learn about the essential elements of a novel, as well as final steps like editing and publishing. You will also find guidelines on creating realistic worlds and characters to draw readers in and keep them flipping pages.

How to Plan a Movie Script: A Beginner’s Guide shifts the subject to film direction. This course focuses on creating a strong structure for your script before diving into detailed writing. This outline, the course claims, will not only keep you on track, but even allow you to reuse the template for other scripts. You can even learn to create visual planning boards to get a firm idea of how your script will play out on screen.

With The Become a Professional Creative Writer Bundle, you may find creative writing to be more attainable. This bundle also focuses just as much on having success as a writer. With practice, you can not only unlock your creativity, but find an audience, too.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.