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Both the Nest Mini speaker and the Tile Sticker are new items, but now you can score both in a bundle that will save you $60. From Tile directly, you can get an eight-pack of the Sticker trackers and a Nest Mini for just $99.99.

The Sticker is a tiny tracker with adhesive on the back so you can stick it to nearly anything. It’s discreet and allows you to find any object within a 150-foot range. And Tile’s Google Assistant skill integrates with the Nest Mini — helping you to find those things you keep losing.

This bundled offer lasts until Black Friday, November 29. Hooking the Tile and Nest Mini together will let you ask the Google Assistant to ring your keys, wallet, that pesky remote and any other device that has the Tile Sticker attached. No more pulling out couch cushions, or yelling around the house for someone to call your phone, since now you can ring the Tile.

The bundle is a $160 value but goes for $99.99 right now. It makes a great gift for someone who’s trying to start a smart home, or just loses things all the time.

If you want your Google Assistant to be even more helpful than it already is, make sure to grab the Tile Sticker eight-pack and Google Nest Mini before the bundle expires. .

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.