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There’s nothing like throwing on a comfortable pair of pajamas and relaxing at the end of the day. But finding those perfect PJs can be tricky. Yes, cozier-than-cozy pairs exist, but they sometimes come with hefty price tags. No more!

One pajama set that hits all the right notes has risen to the top at Amazon, garnering more than 1,400 positive reviews and making them some of the most beloved on the site.

  • Latuza Women’s V-Neck Short Sleeve Pajama Set ($19.99-$26.99, amazon.com)

Why? Well for one, they only cost 20 bucks (some colors go up to $26.99). Secondly, the V-neck T-shirt and shorts set come in 13 hues, ranging from a soft heather gray to a sassy coral that screams, “Take me to the Bahamas!”

But the resounding reason why the Latuza Women’s V-Neck Short Sleeve Pajama Set is blowing up is due to its cooling effect. Comprised of bamboo-made viscose, the material is both ultra lightweight and cool to the touch, which was praised by many a customer prone to night sweats.

One reviewer going through menopause wrote, “The material instantly cooled my body. At night it pulled the sweat from my body allowing me to have a good rest. I will be buying several more pairs.” Another reviewer who had recently given birth and lives in Arizona said, “These silky soft pjs have been going strong for months now through countless hot flashes and heat waves when it would get into the 80s in our bedroom. If you are a hot-blooded person and need to cool down, I can’t recommend these pjs enough.”

Cooler nights aside, the pajamas’ boxy fit and inclusive size options — they come in small to 4XL — also make them a crowd pleaser, while the satin trim detailing makes them look more expensive than they really are. One reviewer described the jammies as “heaven,” adding, “Where have these bamboo babies been all of my life?”

Ready to buy yourself a pair? Reviewers suggest sizing up and the brand warns against tumble drying them. Other than that, you’re ready to go!

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.