A tourist and a giraffe were killed in tragic car accident in a South African park

A tourist vehicle was significantly damaged when a giraffe fell on it, fatally injuring the driver.

(CNN)A South African safari took a tragic turn Sunday when a giraffe was struck by a car and fell on another passing vehicle in Kruger National Park.

The vehicle that hit the giraffe held 13 visitors passing through the park on their way to a rest camp. After being struck, the giraffe fell on an oncoming tourist rental vehicle driven by a Swiss national.
The collision killed the giraffe and left the driver seriously injured. He later died in the hospital as a result of his injuries.
The taxi that ran into the giraffe was also damaged.
Giraffes are typically between 14 feet to 19 feet tall and can weigh up to 2,800 pounds. The collision significantly damaged both cars involved.
    The park has urged visitors in a statement to be alert when driving through the park, reminding them to watch for all kinds of animals and give the animals right of way.
      "We are approaching the festive season in a month's time and encourage visitors to plan their trips between gates and camps so as to eliminate the need to hurry, please also exercise caution as the wildlife has no concept of traffic rules," the park said in a statement.
      South African Police are investigating the incident.