Who's winning the thermostat wars in your home?

(CNN)Men and women to your corners of the ring -- it's time for the winter rounds of the thermostat wars. Who wins the fight in your home?

The answer to that depends on whether you are the man or the woman of the house, according to a new study published Wednesday in the journal PLOS.
"It seems like in some cases there's a dynamic where one person is responsible or takes ownership over the thermostat and other people don't get to have input into that," said lead author Nicole Sintov, assistant professor of behavior, decision-making and sustainability at Ohio State University.
    "We had roommates in the study, we had spouses, we had couples who were not spouses," said Sintov, who studies how people make decisions that affect the environment, a field called conservation psychology. "And we do see that gender plays a significant role here."
    The study found men thought any discussion about setting the home's temperature lower or higher was a "compromise" or an "agreement."
    Women, on the other hand, thought some of those same conversations were "conflicts."
    "It's possible that women are losing the thermostat battle," said Sintov. "This hints at a status quo gender bias in thermostat settings that leads to a home thermal environment that does not cater to womens' prefe