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Editors Note: The PhoneSoap HomeSoap is currently sold out, but you can lock in an order for a delivery as early as May 30.

You may not have heard of PhoneSoap. It’s a little box that sanitizes your phone with UV light in 10 minutes and charges it to boot.

Sound good?

Well now, it’s even better with the release of HomeSoap, a larger version that sanitizes anything that fits inside. It’s available for order now at $199.95 and sits at the top of the product lineup.

So what’s HomeSoap? Well, it’s a larger version of PhoneSoap that aims to let you clean a lot more.

There are many objects around the house that we don’t think to clean, or that are difficult to clean. When was the last time you scrubbed your TV remote or sanitized your phone screen? These surfaces, especially your phone, are perfect breeding grounds for bacteria.

Every time you touch an object or surface and then touch your screen, you plant bacteria there. And keeping it in your pocket provides that bacteria with a warm environment to thrive. Tablets and other smart devices can become just as dirty. With HomeSoap, the cleaning process is a breeze.

Like PhoneSoap, HomeSoap is a box that uses two powerful UV-C bulbs to sanitize any object you can fit inside of it (and charges phones, too). The process takes just 10 minutes and kills up to 99.99% of bacteria and germs on whatever you put in there. That could be a TV remote, baby bottles, headphones — you name it. There is even evidence to suggest that UV-C light sanitation is more effective than traditional alcohol-based sanitation.

The box is 6 inches wide, about 11 inches tall and 15 inches long, so there is plenty of room for all kinds of household items. Even at those dimensions, HomeSoap is compact and easy to keep around the house. The process automatically shuts off after 10 minutes, so you don’t have to worry about overheating. You can also toggle between manual and automatic mode if you want to sanitize your items for a different length of time.

HomeSoap, which comes in black or white, is available now for $199.95.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.