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“A Warning,” written by an anonymous person who has worked at a senior level in the Trump administration, is already a hit, according to the book’s publisher.

While the book won’t be out for another week, the Twelve imprint at Hachette Book Group says “A Warning” has “garnered more pre-orders than any other nonfiction book at any imprint in the history of Hachette.”

The publisher provided the peek at pre-order sales in a press release on Tuesday. While exact numbers were not provided, pre-orders have totaled “well over 100,000 and climbing,” according to a publishing world source.

The book promises to provide an inside account of what it will argue is Trump’s unfitness for office from the same “senior official” who wrote an anti-Trump op-ed for The New York Times last year. Top editors at The Times said they knew the identity of the author, but granted the person anonymity to protect them from retaliation.

The writer says “A Warning” is meant to convince people that the president should not be re-elected.

The publication date is November 19.

The book has been at or near the top of Amazon’s constantly-updated best seller list since it was announced last month. “A Warning” is No. 2 on that list as of Tuesday afternoon. Hachette’s announcement on Tuesday backed up the Amazon ranking.

“We are very proud to publish this historic book that is already breaking records before its release. I think readers will find A WARNING to be a fascinating, detailed account,” Twelve’s publisher Sean Desmond said in a statement.

The publishing house previously said that 500,000 copies would be printed in anticipation of intense demand. On Tuesday the company said those copies are now “ready to go into circulation.” That’s a massive print run for a political book.

“In addition to English, the book will also be published in French, German, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Dutch and Arabic,” Hachette said.

All of the curiosity about who the anonymous senior official is – and whether he or she is still working for Trump – has surely helped preorder sales.

The Trump White House has attacked the author and the Justice Department has asked for information about whether the person signed any nondisclosure agreements while working for the government. The publisher declined to answer the DOJ’s questions in detail. The literary agents who represent the author, Keith Urbahn and Matt Latimer of Javelin, accused the DOJ of trying to expose and intimidate the author. Urbahn and Latimer represent several Trump administration figures, including former national security adviser John Bolton, who recently struck a book deal with Simon & Schuster.

“This person is a gutless coward, who doesn’t have the spine to put his or her name to their shameful lies,” White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said in response to early leaks from the book, which portray the president as incompetent and sociopathic.

Early critiques of the book have centered on the fact that many others have leveled similar charges against Trump in the past, and the fact that the author has thus far chosen to remain unnamed.

“Anonymous has seen disturbing things. Anonymous has heard disturbing things. You, the reader, will already recognize most of what Anonymous has seen and heard as revealed in this book if you have been paying any attention to the news,” Jennifer Szalai wrote in a review for The New York Times.

Still, the preorder sales indicate that lots of people want to hear and see what Anonymous is alleging.