Two sisters raise thousands to buy 108 Thanksgiving meals and turkeys for families in need

Alex Fischer, left, and her sister Caroline raised nearly $3,000 to provide Thanksgiving meals to families in need.

(CNN)From cherry pies to turkeys and mashed potatoes, two sisters are on a mission to make sure families in need have the Thanksgiving dinners they deserve.

For the third year in a row, Alex Fischer, 9, and her sister Caroline, 6, are raising money to provide meals for North Carolina families that can't afford the traditional holiday feast.

A small service project turns into a big tradition

"We started this as a service project in 2017 for the family to do in the holidays," the girls' mom, Lisa Fischer, told CNN. "When I initially suggested we donated one box of food, Alex said that wasn't enough and that we should do 10 boxes."
    Fischer pointed out to her daughter how much a full Thanksgiving meal would cost. She explained that paying for 10 meals would not be something the family could do without financial help.
    Alex, left, and Caroline made $969 in cash from their lemonade stand this year. They raised almost $2,000 additional funds through donations.
    Determined to get the 10 boxes of food, the girls decided to open up a lemonade and baked goods stand to raise funds.
    It didn't take long for family, friends and even strangers to reach out to help, so the Fischer family set up a GoFundMe page.
    "The first year, we raised enough money for 100 boxes of food," Fischer said.
    Since the first year went so well, they decided to make it a tradition.

    Surpassing expectations

    Last year the girls raised enough money for 130 boxes of foot and 50 turkeys. And as of this Friday, the girls have surpassed their expectations. They have raised $2,896 for their 2019 Thanksgiving mission, which would allow them to get 108 boxes filled with Thanksgiving meal staples and 108 turkeys.