What to do with your Halloween candy leftovers

(CNN)That "buy one, get one half-off" sale on Halloween candy always seems like a great idea until you're faced with giant bags of fun-size sweets in your home on November 1.

Or maybe you purchased appropriately for the holiday and gave everything away -- only to wake up to epic stashes of confections brought home by overachieving trick-or-treaters.
You may even be that person at the office staring daggers at Coworker A (who bought too much) and Coworker B (stuck with the kids' surplus) because they both decided to solve their candy problems by dumping a pile of sweets in front of you.
Obviously, one option is to ignore your doctor and your dentist and just dive head-first into a sugar rush until there's nothing left but a mountain of wrappers. (And if that's you, no judgment here.)
    But if you're trying to practice moderation, have allergies to some varieties or you've already eaten all of the good stuff and just want the rest to magically disappear, here are a few ideas of what to do with Halloween candy leftovers.

    Donate it

    There are several organizations that will take your (still wrapped) extra candy and sprinkle the sweets throughout care packages for US troops and veterans, from Operation Gratitude to Soldiers' Angels.
    You can also check to see if there's a Halloween candy "buy back" happening in your area, which is when local businesses and dentist offices will take goodies off your hands in exchange for other items.
    Consider calling local Ronald McDonald House chapters, shelters, or youth-focused organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters of America; they may want to have extra treats on hand for kids, too.

    Experiment with it