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Halloween came and went in what felt like the blink of an eye. But these celebrities weren’t content to let the holiday go by wearing an old bed sheet.

No – for these stars, Halloween was a chance to turn heads, make headlines and rack up Instagram likes in the process.

Here are the spookiest, smartest and most spot-on costumes celebs rocked this year.

Heidi Klum

Model Heidi Klum always goes all out. And for her annual Halloween party this year, she stepped up the spook-factor.

Her prosthetic zombie-alien outfit ended up taking nearly half a day to apply, and it’s an apocalyptic triumph.

Ariana Grande

Remember that “Twilight Zone” episode set in an alternate world where everyone rocked identical faces? Grande does, and she’s giving young fans a history lesson with this homage to the classic series’ “Eye of the Beholder” episode which, notably, satirized societal expectations of beauty. Score one for cultural commentary on Halloween!

Gabrielle Union-Wade

Brr… it’s cold in here. There must be some Clovers in the atmosphere!

Klum’s got some competition for queen of Halloween – Union-Wade’s throwback to her “Bring It On” cheer squad was only one of at least four costumes Union rocked this spooky season. She was also a boxer, a sunflower in a pot (flanked by husband Dwayne Wade as a cactus and daughter Kaavia as a teeny flower bud) and a pitch-perfect Grace Jones.

Kelly Clarkson

The singer channeled her inner Sanderson sister with this ode to “Hocus Pocus” witch Winnie. She debuted the look on her self-titled talk show and even sang the sorceress’s signature tune, “I Put a Spell on You” in character. It’s spellbinding stuff!

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner’s Marilyn Monroe costume is one for the books. From the silk gloves to the statement diamond jewelry (a girl’s best friend, after all) and even that alluring look in her eye – the makeup mogul nailed her impersonation of the icon.

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres must’ve seen “Hustlers,” because this look screams Cardi B chic.

Her costume, which she calls “Cardi E,” was inspired by Cardi’s character in the movie. And though her twerking skills don’t quite match the rapper’s, Cardi B does a great job of teaching her some moves.

Neil Patrick Harris

David Burtka and Neil Patrick Harris always take their costumes up about 10 notches, and this year they added a sophisticated twist.

The family is basically a walking portrait art museum – with Harris as a self-portrait of Vincent Van Gogh, Burtka as Salvador Dali, and their kids as self portraits of Frida Kahlo and Andy Warhol.

Kim Kardashian West

2001, is that you? It’s a Delta Nu!

Real-life lawyer-in-training Kim Kardashian West went as sorority sweetheart Elle Woods from “Legally Blonde.”

And though she didn’t bend and snap, she did film Woods’ video essay for Harvard Law School, comedic beats included. She’s even comfortable using legal jargon in everyday life!

Ciara and Russell Wilson

There are simply no words.

Singer Ciara and husband Russell Wilson, quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, dressed up as Beyonce and Jay-Z from the “APES**T” music video. And sure, the Mona Lisa isn’t behind them, like in the actual video. But it’s still spot on.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj pulled out all the stops for her Harley Quinn costume, and we’re into it. She’s clearly ready to be cast in a comic book movie.

Jessica Biel

Rocking a shiny, metallic blue jumpsuit and the signature crunchy, ramen noodle-esque curls, Jessica Biel dressed up as husband Justin Timberlake from his *NSYNC days. (Ever the supportive husband, JT went as an oversized microphone).)

She’s even nailed the former boy-bander’s frosted tips. Take out the smartphone in her hand, and this look is straight out of the early aughts.