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Sure, you think you’ve whipped up the cutest, most enviable costume for your kid for Halloween, but you haven’t seen anything yet. These babies are here to show you up.

Neonatal intensive care units across the nation are dressing their charges up in wildly adorable costumes. Some of the units, called NICU for short, give parents the opportunity to dress their babies for a friendly costume competition. Others have crafty staff on hand to create imaginative outfits for their patients.

Either way, the babies are an adorable sight to behold.

Here are just a few for you to obsess over. Thank us later.

This little cub is a contestant in Advocate Children’s Hospital’s annual NICU Halloween costume contest. As you can see, the circus of baby life has exhausted him. Don’t worry if the tiny lion lunges for a bite, though. He doesn’t have any teeth.

How precious! Some fresh baby peas snuggled up in their pod at Advocate Children’s Hospital. That lion cub better watch out because these two pose some seriously cute competition.

Boo! We hear there’s a teensie tiny ghost haunting the halls of the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta NICU. But really, who could be scared of that face?

Each year, nurse Tara Fankhauser at Children’s spends months crocheting special costumes for each baby, taking their individual personalities into account.


This sweet little mermaid seems a little upset that someone pulled her out of the sea. The lucky parent(s) will get to take home this floundering mer-baby from Parkland Health.

It’s game day in the NICU! Whoever gave birth to this baby at Advocate scored a major touchdown. There’s something to be said about making your way onto the field before you can even walk.

Who needs teeth when you have cats? This little lady at Advocate Children’s Hospital skipped adulthood and just went straight to being an old cat lady. What they say about old people and babies looking alike has never seemed truer….

People with peanut allergies rejoice! This little jar of sweetness at Parkland Health is safe for all to appreciate. The artistry on that jar costume is impeccable.

What’s peanut butter without a little jelly? Twin sisters Mia and Maya Gonzalez make the perfect pair. Parkland babies really know how to appreciate a good sandwich spread.

More peanut content from Hoop’s Family Children’s Hospital! The Littlest Peanut is a literary connoisseur with a fine taste in books and costumes. Most adults can’t say the same.

So young, but so strong! Wonder Baby is saving us all with her undeniable cuteness and ultra-strength sleep powers. This little warrior is definitely going places this Halloween.

Another literary genius from Hoops! Slowly but surely, this littlest caterpillar has inched it was into our Halloween baby lineup with its cozy costume.

EEK! A MOUSE! Oh phew, it’s just a baby. This miniature addition to Advocate Children’s NICU is harmless, though it does seem to be hoarding a lot of cheese….We’ll let it pass since its baby mouse’s first Halloween.

Correction: This story has been updated to correct the name of nurse Tara Fankhauser and to correct the name of the hospital that had the Chicago Bears costume.