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One of Oprah’s “Favorite” travel bags just got even better. Luggage company Paravel has released a new line of luxe travel accessories made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic water bottles. They’re available for preorder right now and should start shipping next week.

In the three years since its launch, Pararvel has found fans in celebs like Kourtney Kardashian, Katy Perry, Allison Williams, and Ms. Winfrey, who picked the company’s Nylon Fold-Up Bag as one of her favorite products of 2018. Now, that same bag has been re-introduced as a more sustainable model that incorporates 22 recycled plastic bottles in its materials.

In addition to the Fold-Up Bag, the Fold-Up Backpack, Packing Cubes, Mini Fold-Up Backpack, and Shoe Cube Duo have all been re-released to take advantage of the recycled material, dubbed “Negative Nylon.”

As the name suggests, Paravel’s bags fold up to save space when not in use. That means you can toss them into your luggage and store them easily at home. And unlike some packable bags that can be flimsy, Paravel’s Fold-Up offerings are designed to be sturdy and dependable.

Sustainability that doesn’t come at the cost of quality

The push towards sustainability started with co-founder Indré Rockefeller’s recent trip to Antarctica, organized in partnership with The Nature Conservatory, to better understand the effects of the climate crisis. “It’s overwhelming enough to read about the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on the global ecosystem,” Rockefeller told CNN Underscored, “but experiencing it in person, in the context of this otherworldly setting, caused a visceral reaction in me.”

Incorporating “Negative Nylon” into the popular Fold-Up collection helped Paravel lower its carbon footprint, a top priority for the company and one in line with the growing demand overall for more sustainable, eco-friendly goods.

The company promises that the new material doesn’t come at the cost of that quality — in fact, they claim it makes some great bags even better. “We knew that if sustainability was going to become a key pillar of Paravel products, we would have to fight hard to find a material that would be resilient enough to stand up to the demands of travel but also look great and not cost more,” says Rockefeller. “Negative Nylon products are actually an improvement on our featherweight Nylon in look, functionality, and sustainability, while costing the same.”

And with more sustainable product launches and updates still to come, we’ll be keeping an eye out for these sleek and sustainable bags, especially come holiday gifting season.