Bet you think this story is about you, don't you? Narcissism and your health

(CNN)An anthem for narcissism was immortalized in Carly Simon's 1972 hit song, "You're So Vain."

"You walked into the party / Like you were walking onto a yacht / You had one eye on the mirror / And watched yourself gavotte," Simon sang.
And of course, there's the famous chorus: "I'll bet you think this song is about you, don't you?"
But is that a bad thing?
    A new series of studies from Northern Ireland published Tuesday seem to make the point that a certain degree of narcissism might be good for you -- depending on the context.
    People with "grandiose" narcissism -- defined in the dictionary as "pompous superiority or pretentiousness" may achieve mental toughness, a form of resilience that could be protective, said lead author Kostas Papageorgiou, an assistant professor of psychology at Queen's University in Belfast.
    They gain this mental toughness by overcoming the challenges they face as they attempt to "gain access to the resources that they think they deserve," he said.