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Former WH official defies impeachment inquiry subpoena
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The House impeachment inquiry deposition schedule started the week a bit in flux following former deputy national security adviser Charles Kupperman’s defying a congressional subpoena to attend his Monday morning meeting with the impeachment probe.

While Kupperman’s testimony remains up in the air, the impeachment investigators are marching on with a full week of depositions scheduled. Here’s who is on the agenda:


Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, the Ukraine expert for the National Security Council

Officials have told CNN that standard operating procedure suggests Vindman would also have been listening in to the July 25 phone call between President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, though that’s yet to be confirmed independently.


Senior Pentagon official Kathryn Wheelbarger

A US defense official told CNN that investigators wanted to hear from Wheelbarger about the temporary pause of US military assistance to Ukraine, which was partially handled by the Pentagon.

State Department special adviser for Ukraine Catherine Croft

Croft, who is a special adviser for Ukraine, previously worked under former US Special Envoy for Ukraine Kurt Volker, a Trump appointee who communicated with Ukrainian officials about Trump’s requests for politically charged investigations into Biden and the Democrats.

State Department official Christopher Anderson

Anderson is a career foreign service officer at the State Department and also previously worked under Volker. He’s currently receiving language training in Washington ahead of his next foreign assignment.


Tim Morrison, the National Security Council’s senior director for Europe and Russia

Morrison replaced Fiona Hill on the National Security Council following her departure from the Trump administration over the summer. Morrison was on the July 25 Trump call with Zelensky.

Next week

Acting Office of Management and Budget Director Russ Vought

Vought was subpoenaed last week by the committees behind the House impeachment inquiry, looking at the role the Office of Management Budget had in freezing military aid for Ukraine. Vought has previously stated that he would not comply with previously scheduled depositions. Vought was subpoenaed at the same time as Ulrich Brechbuhl and Michael Duffey, and the Democrats scheduled a deposition for him for November 6.

Michael Duffey, Office of Management and Budget associate director for National Security Programs

Duffey, a political appointee of Trump’s, signed at least some of the documents delaying aid to Ukraine, two sources told CNN earlier this month. Those sources told CNN that it is highly unusual for a political appointee to be involved in signing off on such a freeze. Vought cited Duffey by name in a tweet last week refusing to show up for a previously scheduled deposition. The committees have scheduled a deposition for Duffey on Tuesday, November 5.

State Department Counselor Ulrich Brechbuhl

Brechbuhl was subpoenaed at the same time as Vought and Duffey, and the Democrats scheduled a deposition for him on November 6. Brechbuhl, a top adviser to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, had followed State Department guidance and ignored a previous request to appear voluntarily for an interview.

Awaiting date for testimony

These individuals have been previously scheduled to testify, but the depositions have delayed.

Former deputy national security adviser Charles Kupperman

Democrats would like to speak to Kupperman, who was listening to the July 25 call. Kupperman and his legal team threw a new wrench into the Democratic impeachment investigation on Friday when he filed a lawsuit asking a judge to rule whether he had to comply with the House subpoena, pointing to the White House’s stance that the impeachment inquiry is illegitimate. Kupperman’s attorney, Charles Cooper, argued that his client was caught between competing demands between the executive and legislative branches and needed the courts to rule before Kupperman would testify. Kupperman did not show up for Monday’s deposition and it’s not clear when or if that will be rescheduled.

State Department official Suriya Jayanti

CNN reported that Jayanti, a State Department official and career foreign service officer, received a memo in April while stationed in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev from an American businessman who was worried about the activities of two Soviet-born allies of Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani who sought dirt on the Bidens.