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Halloween is just a few days away, and we couldn’t be more excited. With the spookiest time of the year coming up, there’s no better time to play horror and mystery board games with family and friends.

There are troves of games out there perfect for Halloween. These are great for parties and small get-togethers where you can into the spirit. Below, we’ve highlighted some that you’ll want to check out.

Hunt A Killer is an incredibly immersive experience that takes you into a realistic murder investigation where you and a couple of friends, or you alone, have to piece together the clues. Sure, there are a lot of great mystery games out there, but Hunt A Killer takes it way beyond. You’ll find a plethora of materials, including police documents, autopsies, audio recordings, newspaper clippings and other realistic items like yearbooks and town maps. With each new piece of evidence, twist and unexpected clue, you must piece together the murder and zero in on the culprit while avoiding their suspicion.

Hunt A Killer’s stories come in more than one box; like a detective show, the mystery cannot be crammed into one episode. After taking a survey that took us about one minute, you can choose the way you want to receive each box. There is a $30 option on a month-to-month basis, a $27.50 season pass (six months) or a $25 double season pass (12 months). Take the unique challenge of Hunt A Killer and put your deductive skills to the test.

Mattel’s Escape the Room in a Box series provides the excitement of an escape the room challenge in your own home. In The Werewolf Experiment, you and several friends have been trapped by a mad scientist who aims to turn you into werewolves in an hour. To escape, you must solve 19 mental and physical puzzles before it’s too late. You can even let Amazon Alexa host your game! Get it now on Amazon for $20.98, originally $29.99.

The other game in this series, Flashback, gives you 90 minutes to escape a mad scientist who is a werewolf. You have to solve 19 puzzles, including four combination locks, to escape. You can also “flashback” to the start to try one of three game paths. Check this game out on Amazon for $20, originally $29.99.

Eldritch Horror by Fantasy Flight Games sends you and your team of investigators to the 1920s to stop a growing darkness from taking over the world. In this game, you will travel around the globe and into different worlds to unravel the mystery before the Ancient One dooms the earth. Every game is unique with four possible Ancient Ones, 12 investigators and many different monsters to encounter. Eldritch Horror is available on Amazon for $47.20, originally $59.99.

Dead of Winter by Plaid Hat Games is part of a series of “meta-cooperative” zombie games with more than a few twists. Each player leads a faction of survivors in a world where most of humanity has become flesh-craving zombies. Survive by finding food and supplies, avoid succumbing to the harsh winter … and the harsher zombies. “Meta-cooperative” means that, while there is a main victory everyone hopes to achieve, each player has their own secret goal. These can be harmless, but some may sabotage other players, or even threaten the main objective. You can get Dead of Winter on Amazon for $49.86.

Flying Frog’s Last Night On Earth is another awesome zombie board game. In this game, you begin by setting up a town grid. This grid is modular, so each time you create the town, it will have a different configuration. The scenario is also randomized, determining things like objectives and number of rounds. Players are split into the Hero team and the Zombie team, both of which have their own decks of cards. Essentially, heroes and zombies must face-off, rolling dice for fights and movement as the sun slowly sets. This game is dynamic and exciting, allowing you to actually play the antagonists and fight your friends for victory over the city. Find Flying Frog’s Last Night On Earth is available for $47.80 on Amazon, originally $59.95.

Coming together for a good scare is what Halloween is all about. Pick up one of these games if you want to spice up your night with good old fashioned fear and mystery.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.