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It was billed as a behind-the-scenes look at their recent royal tour in southern Africa. Instead the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s documentary confirmed what many had suspected for quite some time: a rift within the royal family.

The documentary, which aired last Sunday night in the UK, saw Harry and Meghan reveal how they have been handling their royal duties amid intense media scrutiny.

In one candid chat with ITV reporter Tom Bradby, the duchess revealed that her British friends had actually warned her against marrying the prince. Barely holding back tears, the new mom also admitted the year since she joined the royal family had been difficult to cope with.

But it was the duke’s remarks that started a chain reaction of royal family drama played out in tit-for-tat briefings from royal insiders and unseen in British newspapers since the Diana years.

“We are certainly on different paths at the moment, but I will always be there for him, and as I know he will always be there for me,” Harry said when asked about media speculation of an estrangement with his older brother, William.

Prince Harry and Prince William walk in Windsor on May 18, 2018.

The pair had spoken of untruths being published about them and in some ways their participation in the documentary could be seen as them cutting out the media middleman and speaking directly to the public. The unorthodox approach resonated with thousands who took to social media and praised them as genuine, honest and vulnerable. But the pair also faced criticism for their openness.

Peter Westmacott, who served as Deputy Chief of Staff to Prince Charles and Princess Diana in the early 90s, told CNN’s Max Foster of his surprise that clips from the program were released when the royals would have wanted the media’s attention to be focused on another royal tou