London trip photos show Giuliani with indicted associate at Yankees' game, Ukrainian charity event

Rudy Giuliani (center) speaks with New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone prior to a game between the Yankees and the Boston Red Sox in London in June 2019.  Lev Parnas, a now-indicted associate of Giuliani's, can be seen standing on Giuliani's right.

Rudy Giuliani/Twitter

(CNN)Photos from a trip to London in June 2019 show President Donald Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani and a now-indicted associate Lev Parnas having a VIP experience at two baseball games between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox.

The trip also included Giuliani speaking at a luncheon for a Ukrainian charity group connected to Parnas and Igor Fruman, another recently indicted associate.
Photos posted on social media show Parnas attended the charity event, as well as an official from a public relations firm that has worked with the Ukrainian government along with a former spokesman and associate of Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry Firtash.
Firtash, who resides in Vienna, is fighting extradition to the US on unrelated bribery charges, which he denies. It is unclear if Fruman also appeared at the event.
    The photos from the overseas visit further show the extent of Giuliani's involvement with the pair and how his links to Parnas and Fruman and their charity brought him into contact with Ukrainian-connected individuals at a time he was seeking to dig up dirt on Democratic presidential candidate and former vice president Joe Biden.
    The visit, according to tweets from Giuliani that included geotags of his location, lasted several days. Giuliani tweeted on June 26 he was "getting ready to fly to London" for the baseball games. His tweets were geotagged in London on June 28, and are geotagged back in New York on July 2.
    Parnas and Fruman, who allegedly aided Giuliani's efforts to dig up political dirt on Biden, pleaded not guilty in Manhattan federal court Wednesday to charges that they funneled foreign money to US campaigns.
    The two were arrested earlier this month attempting to leave the country and were indicted on four counts, including conspiracy to violate the ban on foreign donations to federal and state elections, making false statements and falsifying records to the Federal Election Commission.
    Giuliani told CNN in an email he did "not recall meeting anyone associated with Firtash" and that "part of the trip" was paid for by a podcast that has yet to launch. He added the trip "included two meetings with an unrelated client, a luncheon speech and three 45-minute interviews we submitted and haven't yet been used."
    Giuliani declined to provide any other details on the podcast --- such as which individuals or company are backing it financially -- other than a claim that he also did interviews for it during a July trip to Albania."
    "Busy days and all completely innocent," he said. "I'd be interested to see how this is twisted."
    Fruman did not comment. John Dowd, a lawyer for Fruman, who previously served as a lawyer for Trump in the special counsel investigation into Russian election interference, repeatedly declined to comment. A lawyer for Parnas did not respond to a request for comment.

    Photos reveal who was with Giuliani

    CNN's KFile identified Giuliani's London travels with Parnas through photos on the former New York City mayor's Twitter account and other public photos posted on social media on June 29 and June 30. Photos from both days show Giuliani and Parnas, and who appears to be Fruman, at the game.
    Giuliani and Parnas can be seen chatting in the Yankees' dugout with retired baseball greats Dave Winfield and Bobby Bonilla. In other photos before the game, Giuliani can be seen with both Parnas and Aaron Boone, the manager of the Yankees.