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It’s that time of year when friendships are broken; children get estranged from parents and office feuds turn personal: the season of the candy corn debate.

We all have our thoughts. But we can’t all be right, right? Who’s been on the wrong side of candy history all this time?

Two of CNN’s most outspoken candy corn commentators met to put this controversy to rest.

Delaney Strunk Please tell me you’ve seen the news report that Pennsylvania has apologized for creating candy corn. Kendall Trammell
What exactly are they apologizing for? Creating greatness?
Delaney Strunk More like creating an orange abomination. Kendall Trammell
Kendall Trammell
Tell me how you really feel, Delaney
Delaney Strunk I’m just saying! In the history of all candy on the market, candy corn is the worst. Period. I wouldn’t feed it to my worst enemy. Kendall Trammell
So what happened to the diversity of the marketplace? Are you anti-capitalism too?
Kendall Trammell
Don’t answer that
Delaney Strunk You truly believe candy corn is good? It’s glorified candle wax. Kendall Trammell
I’ve never had wax before, so I can’t speak on that.
Kendall Trammell
What I HAVE had is glorious sugar bites.
Delaney Strunk Wow. Who hurt you? Your poor little taste buds. They’ve been through so much. Kendall Trammell
I mean I suppose Pennsylvania could apologize on your behalf for not having a mature taste palate?
Delaney Strunk I mean if you want to be cool and edgy, sure. Enjoy your chicken feed. But if you want to see the true light of day, genuinely eat any other candy. Kendall Trammell
Delaney Strunk Truth Bomb. BOOM. Kendall Trammell
OK but you don’t have to eat them plain if you are struggling that hard
Kendall Trammell
Please hold
Kendall Trammell
Kendall Trammell
Kendall Trammell
Delaney Strunk Kendall, there are so many other DIY food hacks that involve things like, gee I don’t know, actual food! Delaney Strunk And honestly, I’d rather eat finger nails than that candy corn ball. Kendall Trammell
What, you’re gonna hate on popcorn now too?
Delaney Strunk The popcorn is great! See, we can agree on things. Kendall Trammell
I wouldn’t necessarily call this an agreement. You’re literally trying to change the topic.
Delaney Strunk I just don’t know how to communicate with someone who is SO wrong. Delaney Strunk But I don’t want to ruin our friendship over something as silly as candy corn. Kendall Trammell
You like chocolate right? Peanuts??
Delaney Strunk Oh, 100 percent. Chocolate and peanuts is a match made in candy heaven. Kendall Trammell
Kendall Trammell Delaney Strunk I……. Delaney Strunk My eyes. Make it stop. That’s more terrifying than half the movies I’ve watched this October. Kendall Trammell
Kendall Trammell
I guess you haven’t watched “Hocus Pocus” before if that’s terrifying you.
Delaney Strunk If you like candy corn, is there any candy you hate? I’m worried if you eat that, you’ll eat anything. Kendall Trammell
I am not an omnivore, Delaney.
Kendall Trammell
Where is HR?
Delaney Strunk Wait…. I have a really important question. Delaney Strunk Do you eat licorice? Kendall Trammell
Oh hard pass.
Delaney Strunk Twizzlers? Kendall Trammell
Absolutely not.
Delaney Strunk So you hate red licorice or black licorice? Kendall Trammell
Delaney Strunk FINALLY. Glad we can agree on something! Kendall Trammell

CNN’s Allie Schmitz contributed to this piece.