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The anonymous senior Trump administration official, who previously alleged that there’s an internal administration resistance to President Donald Trump, plans to recount the President’s conversations in their forthcoming book.

According to Axios, which first reported that the conversations will be recounted in the book, the anonymous official was a frequent participant in meetings with the President and had access to internal notes they plan to include in their new book on Trump, “A Warning.”

“In these pages, you will not just hear from me. You will hear a great deal from Donald Trump directly, for there is no better witness to his character than his own words and no better evidence of the danger he poses than his own conduct,” the book’s back cover reads.

“A Warning” will be released November 19, and the author’s intent is to convince the nation to not reelect Trump in 2020, CNN previously reported.

“The truth about the president must be spoken, not after Americans have stood in the voting booth to consider whether to give him another term and not after he has departed office,” the book’s jacket cover says.. “Hopefully others will remedy the error of silence and choose to speak out.”

Axios also reported that the book’s author has agreed to an interview with a journalist – but the format and interviewer haven’t yet been determined.

The anonymous official penned a New York Times op-ed in 2018, claiming to be part of a “resistance” working to thwart Trump’s worst impulses.

The author wrote that people within the administration are acting out of duty to the country because the “president continues to act in a manner that is detrimental to the health of our republic.”

Trump called the author “gutless” and said that the Times’ decision to publish the op-ed could be called “treason.”

CNN’s Jeremy Diamond and Kate Sullivan contributed to this report.