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We always seem to forget about the impending mobs of trick-or-treaters until October 30, when their arrival is 24 hours away. That means we’re rushing to our local supermarkets and pharmacies to buy Halloween candy, which often comes at a markup. But since time is of the essence, we always purchase those overpriced sugary treats anyway.

Those dollars add up. A survey by LendEdu found that the average American expects to spend $55.18 on Halloween candy this year. And if you live in a large neighborhood that gets a serious amount of Halloween foot traffic, you know that number can be much higher. Want to be the house everyone loves and give out full-size bars? That will set you back even more.

So instead of buying chocolates, lollipops, taffies and more the night before or day of, consider shopping for them online right now. We’ve rounded up some of the best Halloween candy deals online. Most of these candies clock in at a competitive price per ounce under 25 cents (some are even as low as 15 cents per ounce of candy). That means you can feed your whole neighborhood (and even have some left over for yourself) for a third of what you might normally spend. Talk about a sweet deal.


Get your Snickers, Twix bars and Airheads by the pound this Halloween on Amazon. Some of the best bulk candy deals we’ve spotted include this 60-piece assorted collection of Twix bars, M&Ms and Snickers for $10.59 (plus you can get an extra 15% off for a limited time only), 60 bars of Airheads for a paltry $7.98, and a 2-pound bag of Sweeties for only $14.99.

Sam’s Club

For those who want to earn top praise as the best trick-or-treating pit stop this year, Sam’s Club should be your go-to. There you can find variety packs of name brand chocolates and candies for a fraction of what you’d expect to pay. Case in point: This $14.98 variety mix of mini Three Musketeers, Milky Way and Snickers bars, a collection of Hershey’s factory-favorite chocolate bars for $15.38, and a 24-pack of Sour Patch Kids for just over $15.


Right now, Target is offering a buy one, get one half-off promotion on all trick-or-treat bagged candy, so you can spend less and still get more confectionery treats. Better news is that many of the options up for grabs are already under $8 before the discount. Top brands to shop include a mix of Haribo gummy treats, a bag of 280 assorted Tootsie Pops, and a 3-pound bag of Tootsie Roll favorite flavors – each of which is just $7.99.


Boxed, the online bulk shopping store that requires no membership, boasts massive savings in the candy category. This year, scoop up a 175-pack of York Peppermint Patties ($18.99;, 56 ounces of mini-sized versions of Hershey’s top chocolate brands ($14.99; or a candy variety pack that includes a combination of Lemonheads, Trolli gummy worms and more for $10.49. That’s just the start of the savings Boxed has to offer. Its full list of Halloween bulk candy is upward of 60% cheaper than the traditional retail price tags.

Party City

Party City is also offering a buy one, get one deal on candy right now, where shoppers can get 50% off their second purchase of Halloween candy. That means massive savings on the already budget-friendly bags of bulk treats, such as this 200-count pack of Nestle treats (such as SweeTarts, Bottlecaps and Laffy Taffy) for just $16.99, a combination of 280 various sweet and sour candies for $19.99, and 90 fun-size bags of Skittles and Starbursts for only $12.99.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailers’ listed prices at the time of publication.