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An terrifying sight in a baby’s crib. A car crash has an unexpected outcome. Strong winds send a jet bridge flying. These are the videos you don’t want to miss this week.

A spooky sighting

00:53 - Source: HLN
Mom stayed up all night when she saw this in son's crib

A mom in Illinois got quite the fright when she checked in on her son on the baby monitor.

Family’s narrow escape

01:08 - Source: CNN
Video shows car crash prevent horrible accident

A family of three was walking across an intersection when a driver nearly slammed into them, only being stopped by another car crashing into his car.

Well, that was awkward

00:43 - Source: CNN Business
Watch Zuckerberg react when a lawmaker compares him to Trump

Mark Zuckerberg was compared to someone he may not have been expecting when he testified on Capitol Hill this week.

Blown away

01:11 - Source: CNN
Airport jet bridge smashes into vehicles on tarmac

A jet bridge swung into several vehicles at Memphis International Airport during a storm with 53 mph winds.

A candid conversation

01:06 - Source: HLN
Country music singer reveals how she handles husband's infidelity

Country music singer Jana Kramer talks about how she coped with her husband’s infidelity while she was pregnant.