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How Lizzo takes on body positivity through music
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So, Macaulay Culkin likes Lizzo. But was he “Good As Hell” though?

Judge for yourself when you check out the actor’s dance moves at a recent Lizzo concert in Los Angeles.

The former child star shared a video on his official Instagram account of him jamming after the singer-rapper invited him onstage.

“When @lizzobeeating asks you to do a silly dance… You get up there and do a silly dance,” he wrote in the caption.

He even scored a hug from her after.

The breakout year of Lizzo continues with a No. 1 hit, “Truth Hurts,” and fellow celebs from Beyoncé to Rihanna loving the artist and her music.

Now we can add Culkin to the list.

Guess we know whose music he’s rocking when he’s “Home Alone.”