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With holiday package deliveries (not to mention Halloween caped crusaders) arriving on your doorstep, it’s high season for security cameras and smart doorbells.

Just in time, Ring is launching a sale on nearly every one of its products. And yes, these even beat out some of the certified refurbished prices we saw last week.

On the Video Doorbell front, the Video Doorbell Pro is $50 off at $199 and the Video Doorbell 2 is $40 off at $159. The core difference? Well, the Video Doorbell Pro is hardware only with some enhanced hardware, while the Video Doorbell 2 can be placed anywhere thanks to a battery power option.

On the home security side, the 5-piece starter kit is down to $149 from $199. This includes a base station, a keypad, one contact sensor, one motion detector and a range extender. It’s designed for homes no larger than 1,000 square feet and is a good way to test the waters. You can also save $80 on the 14-piece Kit.

Those who have a traditional floodlight outside their home that’s hardwired can get a big technological upgrade with the Floodlight Cam. This turns one traditional floodlight into two LED lights with an HD security camera with a built-in siren. The lights get very bright as well. It’s $50 off at $199.

And those aren’t the only deals. There are also these great Ring deals as well:

  • Ring Spotlight Cam Battery ($169, originally $199;
  • Ring Indoor Cam with Echo Show 5 ($129.98, originally $149.98;
  • Ring Spotlight Cam Mount ($199, originally $249;

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.