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It’s time to get even more out of your My Best Buy membership. Members can now take advantage of weekly discounts on everything Apple.

That’s right., Each week there will be deals on the iPad, Apple Watch, MacBook — you name it. This system replaces receiving points for Apple purchases with straight up sales.

This feature starts right now for members. Here are this week’s deals:

  • Up to $200 off on the iPad Pro
  • Up to $200 off on select MacBook Pros
  • $20 off the Apple Watch Series 5 with GPS and cellular

New My Best Buy Credit Card members will still get 10% back in rewards on Apple purchases and existing members will keep receiving 5%, or more with the Elite membership. Exact points will depend on each product.

You can instantly view what Best Buy has in store by logging into your member account or checking the My Best Buy deals.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.