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It’s an understatement to say that computer science is a wide ranging field. However, much of the computer science world revolves around learning and implementing coding languages. The Complete Computer Science Master Class Bundle is a set of courses that gives you a crash course in computer science.

This $39 course covers a variety of topics, including software development, programming languages and data structuring. With over 1,200 lessons, or more than 170 hours of content, you’re likely to find a lot of information about the topics you’re interested in learning. It’s absolutely worth noting that upon purchasing this bundle, you’ll have access to it for life. You will also be able to stream it 24/7 from wherever you are, even on a mobile device.

JavaScript, one of the most popular programming languages, primarily is used to produce and enhance websites with user-friendly, interactive elements. The 2019 JavaScript Developer Bootcamp lesson should be a great place to take up JavaScript and bring your website design up to speed. You will learn a host of concepts that real developers use on a regular basis. The course focuses not only on learning the language itself, but the logic and concepts behind it, which should give you a more complete understanding of JavaScript.

With so many people using voice activated assistants such as Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google Home, it’s a better time than ever to learn to make your own voice apps. Building Voice Apps Using Amazon Alexa is a course with this goal in mind. This course stresses customer interface, in which businesses can take advantage of the conversational flow of information between users and these devices. You can learn to make conversational interfaces for a host of voice-activated services. This includes the deeper fundamentals behind what makes an interface succeed and remain user friendly.

If you’ve felt that computer science is an inaccessible field, you may think again after diving into this course. The Complete Computer Science Master Class Bundle can open the doors to programming and website design, tools that are becoming more prevalent in the world. Keep in mind that this bundle has lifetime ownership and is accessible whenever you want. Embrace computer science and find an area that can boost your skill set.

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