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Popular GIF-making website Giphy launched a new tool Wednesday that lets users create mini games without knowing how to code.

The free new feature, called Giphy Arcade, runs on a web browser and features about 100 games. People can play these original titles or customize their own with the help of 10 templates, music and stickers. The games, which are about 10 seconds in length and feature retro-style graphics, can be shared with friends.

“Our take on games basically is something that’s more universal,” Nick Santaniello, a Giphy senior product engineer who oversaw the project, told CNN Business. “You don’t need 12 buttons, $60 or 30 years experience with gaming to hopefully dive in and enjoy these.”

Users can customize games based on preferences
from Giphy
Users can customize games based on preferences

To customize a game, users can select from a library of stickers and a template, allowing gamers to defend themselves, in theory, from incoming emails or glittery poop. Game development is even simpler on mobile. Users can fill in a word for the type hero you want — we typed in “pigeon” — and what obstacles they’re fighting — maybe a cheeseburger.

The company has also partnered with fast food chain Wendy’s for a series of games that promote its menu items.

“I grew up with the arcade and console games of the 80s and 90s,” said Santaniello. “Arcade harkens back to that sort of pop in the cartridge, turn on the power and you’re off and running feeling.”

He aims to make game development easier for a wider audience. “Older adults might have felt that video games have never been for them,” he added. “But this might be a way to send something that makes you laugh for a few seconds.”