Celebrities brought back the sneaker optical illusion. We're not thrilled

A tweet that sparked debate in 2017

(CNN)Think about it: For two whole years, we had managed to peacefully carry on with our daily activities without angry-tweeting at strangers about the color of a pair of shoes.

That glorious time is over.
That debate is back after two stars posted the image on Instagram asking for their fans' responses.
    "I saw this image online and I showed it to a bunch of people and it's really, really spectacular, what comes back," Will Smith said in a video this week. "What color do you see? Now show ... whoever is around you ... and ask them what color do they see and I think you'll be surprised at what the answer is."
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    Which colors do you see?? 🧐

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    "There's no right answer but it's definitely not pink," he says.
    In another video, he's seen arguing that the shoe is green and gray. Others in his group say they see pink and white.
    Singer Lizzo was apparently having the same dispute.
    "I see grey & teal but my whole team sees pink & white help," she posted on Instagram.