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For a medium born over 100 years ago, radio’s hotter than ever. Why? It opens a unique window on a massive collection of stations, each one filling the airwaves with premium content that serves local communities. And the podcasting phenomenon continues – there are over 700,000 active unique shows – with many of the most popular series born out of local radio stations and borrowing from the traditional radio-show format.

Radio has been redefined as more or less all things auditory. If you can listen to it, it’s pretty much defined as radio. In the predigital era, the limiting factor was over-the-air frequency and power Radio has gone full-on digital and is more multifaceted than ever.

RADIO.COM, a service at the forefront of radio’s digitization, has an elevator pitch that’s simple: Listen to your favorite local music, news, sports and podcasts, thanks to unlimited streaming on web, mobile, smart speakers and car play. Listen anywhere, anytime – and it’s all free.

There are over 500 stations from around the country, tens of thousands of podcasts, and other features like original content, breaking news, live performances by the bands you love, and cutting-edge video.

Did you find a favorite local station that you truly connected with — but then had to say goodbye once you moved away? With RADIO.COM, you can keep listening live from across the country.

Do you want to subscribe to your favorite podcasts, or connect even deeper with your favorite shows or stations? Download the RADIO.COM app on the Apple App Store, Google Play, or Samsung Galaxy App Store. (It’s also available on all other platforms, including the web, mobile app, Roku, FireTV, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Sonos and more.)

It’s that simple – and that’s especially appealing, given how today’s radio and podcast scene is saturated with exceptional, high-quality content. RADIO.COM makes it easy to find. Take the RADIO.COM music page, where you’ll find a list of the most popular genres, each one automatically populated with the nation’s most celebrated stations in that category.

Or the news page, which offers both local and national stations, and includes CNN, CNN Espanol, HLN, CNN International and CNN podcasts. The RADIO.COM app makes it easy not only to find your own favorite stations, but to discover new favorites, too.

And with a free price tag, there’s no better time than now to start listening on RADIO.COM.