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It’s Ryan Reynolds turn to make a move in his ongoing feud with Hugh Jackman.

The two Marvel actors, who are actually friends off-screen, love to go after each other on social media just for kicks. At one point earlier in 2019, the two called a truce, but they were soon back to their old tricks.

In the latest war of words, Reynolds recorded an expletive-filled birthday message for Jackman. It comes after Jackman made a comment about Reynolds in front of an entire theater audience while on stage during his tour, “The Man. The Music. The Show.”

“Let’s see Ryan Reynolds do that,” Jackman joked following one number, telling the audience not to share what he said on social media. “Don’t post that, do not post that. No. I’ll have like three million tweets from him in the next ten seconds.”

Reynolds response was to say he was hurt.

“Hello Hugh. I was just, uh, I was just going to wish you happy birthday,” he says. “Then I saw what you said. In a word? Hurtful. Enjoy the show, Hugh Jackman.”

Then he sings “Happy Birthday,” but with his own little twist at the end.

“And I’m not even ****ing professionally trained Jackman you piece of ***t!” Reynolds yells.

Signing off, Reynolds gives him the finger. Your move Jackman.