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Nothing is worse than spending loads of money on an intricate Halloween costume, just for it to be uncomfortable and make you miserable all of Hallow’s Eve. There’s a better, cheaper and—most importantly—cozier, option. Silver Lily on Amazon is taking up to 40% off its comfy one-piece Halloween costumes!

These onesie animal costumes (not pajamas!) are a great way to steal the show at any party. They have a loose fit so you can wear extra clothes if it’s cold on Halloween, and best of all they have two front pockets for maximum candy storage. The soft, plush costumes come in a wide range of adorable animals, so you can unleash your ferociousness with the lion costume, go the cute route with this panda, or try the kangaroo for an extra pocket for your joey (or even more candy).

Normally, these onesies can cost up to $34.99, but right now you can get them for as low as $14.99! These 4-star rated animal costumes will make you the cutest, coziest and most candy-laden Halloweener anywhere you go.

Note: The price above reflects the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.