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As you gear up for Halloween with costumes and decorations, don’t forget about your beloved four-legged family members.

Like Halloween costumes for humans, pet costumes are influenced by pop culture and entertainment. That means this year you can dress your pet up as a latte, a taco, Wonder Woman and more. Whether you’re Team Dog, Team Cat or Team Everything Furry, this year’s most popular Halloween cat and dog costumes are not to missed.

Everyday is Halloween

Mary Lugones, director of business strategy at Chewy, said many pet owners don’t restrict dress-up to just one night. “We’re seeing a lot of pet parents get into the Halloween spirit across the season versus dressing their pet up for only one night,” she said. “More than just costumes, pet parents are celebrating Halloween with novelty sweaters, glow-in-the-dark hoodies, graphic bandanas, seasonal collars and PJs.”

Pup Crew Trick or Treat LED costume ($19.99;

Comfortable and cozy, this is a staple for the season. We love that it glows, and that chances are slim a pet can find a way to wiggle out of it.

Frisco Pumpkin Dog & Cat costume ($18.99;

There’s nothing more classic than a pup or kitty pumpkin costume. With a soft design and fluffy features, this is a must-have keepsake to pull out every Halloween. Or, you know, any day this month.

Food costumes

Dress your pet up as your favorite food – or his! Food costumes for pets are a popular trend this year, according to Jennifer Kovacs, vice president of merchandising at Petco.

Bacon for More Dog costume ($11;

This crisp costume shows off your pet’s dream meal — and is sure to have the neighbors laughing. Best of all? It’s not as complicated as some costumes to put on your pet, so you won’t have to spend 30 minutes wrestling them.

Hot Diggity Dog costume ($11;

You don’t have to own a dachshund to pull off a hot dog costume! Complete with condiments, a bun and garnishes, your pet will make a home run entrance in this funny costume. We dig that it’s a simple soft shirt that’s easy to put on.

Frisco Taco Dog & Cat Costume ($14.99;

Let your dog or cat can show off your favorite meal. This costume features neck and belly straps with hoop and loop fasteners, so it’ll stay put even with an overexcited pet.

Puppy Latte Dog Costume ($19.99;

When you treat yourself to a iced coffee, Frappuccino or pumpkin spice latte, you like to sneak your pup in to the coffee shop. Show them they are your sweetest treat with this adorable costume from Party City.

Trendy movie costumes

Culturally-relevant costumes are popular every year, and 2019 is no exception, says Kovacs. Marvel and DC Comics-inspired costumes are especially trendy this year, she says, given the buzz and excitement tied to recent releases, including “Spider-Man: Far From Home” and “Wonder Woman: Bloodlines.”

DC Justice League Wonder Woman Dog Suit ($10;

Your furry lady is always by your side — and often to your rescue when you’ve had a wonky day at work. With this Wonder Woman dog suit, you can express just how much strength she gives you with every nuzzle and belly rub. There’s no doubt she’ll pull off “fierce” perfectly.

Marvel Spider-Man Dog Suit Costume ($12.50;

Considering your mischievous pet can break through any gate, wiggle into any closed cabinet and somehow, get off its leash, you sometimes wonder if he or she is Spider-Man in canine form. This all-in-one costume brings your thoughts to life, and allows you to take your pup trick-or-treating with a built-in leash portal.

Disney Toy Story Woody Costume ($19.99 and up;

The latest “Toy Story” movie debuted this year, enchanting audiences young and old. Though your pup may not understand the important themes behind this iconic collection of films, you can dress him or her up as Woody, the most loyal character of all.

Good for a laugh

No matter what kind of day you’ve had, you can count on your pet to brighten your spirits. Whether your pet gives you an encouraging purr or gives a kiss (or 100), many people adopt cats and dogs because they bring them joy. Lugones said that’s partly why costumes with a sense of humor remain popular. These ones are made for your social feed.

Frisco Walking Cowboy Dog & Cat costume ($14.99;

Lugones says two-legged costumes are selling well. Not only because they’re hilarious, but they tend to be easier to slip on than four-legged options. For your funny cat or dog, this cowboy (or cowgirl) costume is Instagram-worthy … as long as they don’t donkey-kick it off.

California Costumes UPS Pet Pal costume ($12.50;

Like clockwork, your obedient dog will bark its snout off when the delivery man shows up with the latest package. You can pay tribute to your pup’s villain with this funny delivery person costume, complete with a brown shirt, visor and faux package. Bonus points if you can manage a photo with your carrier!

Zazzle Custom Pet Onesie (Prices vary;

Can’t find a costume you love? Create a custom pet onesie from Zazzle. Choose from various fits and designs or upload your own image.

Just for big dogs

Just like there is no age limit for celebrating Halloween as a human, there is no weight limit for pet costumes. As Lugones put it: large dogs like to dress up, too! (Or more accurately: big pet owners enjoy an excuse to put their pup in a costume!) Because heavy dogs are a bit more complicated to manage, Lugones said it’s better to seek an easy-to-wear design that goes on easily without too much wrangling.

Frisco Great White Shark Dog & Cat costume ($13.99;

Even though there are no leg holes in this costume — it’s still a jaw-dropping get-up for your oversized dog. Less hassle to put on, your big pup won’t look as scary as a shark considering it’ll incite laughs instead of fear. Get ready to swim through the trick-or-treaters!

Goofy Dog costume ($19.99;

What’s more ridiculous than your energetic, loving retriever? No pup you’ve ever met! Ideal for Disney fans, this two-legged Goofy costume isn’t complicated to put on — and looks cute against dark fur. You can get the whole family involved and have everyone choose their favorite classic Disney character for Halloween!

Lion Pet Costume ($12.99;

The mere thought of convincing your 100-pound pup to put something on? It’s enough to make your heart race. Luckily, this costume is less fuss — and makes for a cute photo opp if he or she keeps it on for longer than a hot second. When in doubt, we suggest treats.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.