Expand your Adobe arsenal with The Ultimate Adobe CC Training Bundle

Benjamin Levin, CNN Underscored
Wed October 9, 2019

Companies around the world require knowledge of at least a few of the programs in Adobe's repertoire, and they're invaluable for artistic projects too. The Ultimate Adobe CC Training Bundle ($39, stacksocial.com) aims to get you started on some of Adobe's most popular tools.

This bundle comes with over 630 lessons, or over 60 hours of content for the price of $39. The functions of the programs featured vary widely, though most are focused on graphic/photographic design or animation. And, as is often the case with bundles such as this, once you buy, you have access for life and from anywhere, even your mobile device. Learn to design user interfaces, manipulate and enhance photographs, make infographics and more with this comprehensive Adobe training bundle.

This bundle offers several lessons on Adobe Photoshop, an essential tool in the world of design. Included is a lesson on the basics of Photoshop, starting you off on the many ways it can be used to retouch and transform photographs. You can also learn how to design stimulating graphics from scratch or with inspiration from popular visual styles. The bundle also includes more advanced courses on Photoshop which set out to help you master various techniques like removing whole objects from photos or even edit videos.

Adobe Illustrator is covered in a similar fashion. With the basic lessons, you can learn about the various brushes and artistic tools available in Adobe Illustrator. Start toward creating your own logo and illustrations, or distort and reshape illustrations in interesting ways. The advanced course should help you further develop these skills, introducing key illustration techniques such as depth and perspective. You can even learn to use Illustrator for creating beautiful data presentations and graphs.

It's never too late to learn, and some of the most valuable programs to become familiar with are featured in The Ultimate Adobe CC Training Bundle. Once it's yours, you can access it from anywhere, 24/7. Try these lessons out if you are hoping to enter the world of graphic design, animation or photomanipulation. Even if you're an expert, you may find the tricks to give you an edge.