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It’s been six years since Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf melted our hearts, but the “Frozen” phenomenon is still going strong. And just in time for the November release of “Frozen 2,” in which the beloved characters travel far beyond Arendelle, Disney is dropping tons of “Frozen”-themed goodies from tech and toys to clothing and home decor.

Some of our faves so far include a light-up Elsa dress, an Olaf onesie and even a 2-foot-tall Sven, guaranteed to make any “Frozen” superfan explode with glee. And with the cold weather fast approaching (and the holidays!), an Elsa-themed bed set or Olaf pajamas is just the right thing to make sure the cold doesn’t bother you this winter.

Ahead, dive into some of our “Frozen” and “Frozen 2” top picks and don’t forget to buy your tickets for the movie here.

’Frozen 2’ Clothing and Costumes:

The Elsa Black Sea dress features hidden lights that bring the dress to life, so kids can channel their own superpower vibes. Talk about magical! ($39.99; target.com)

With the Elsa costume wig, kids can sport our heroine’s signature blonde braid. ($19.99; target.com)

Keep cozy and warm with the “Frozen” holiday Olaf Fair Isle pajama set (starting at $12.99; target.com).

Or, sleep like royalty in an Elsa- or Anna-themed gown. ($19.98; walmart.com).

This glitter headband is perfect for any Elsa fan. ($9.06; childrensplace.com)

These “Frozen” slippers will keep your feet unfrozen all winter. ($16.95; shopdisney.com)

This Elsa costume is perfect for Halloween, or just for wearing around the house. ($79.95; shopdisney.com).

The same goes for this adorable Anna costume. ($79.95; shopdisney.com).

This Olaf onesie for toddlers might be the ultimate combo of cozy and cute. ($39.95; shopdisney.com)

This fuzzy jacket isn’t just themed for Elsa, it has a cape built in. ($46.99; shopdisney.com)

Anyone can sport their love for Anna and Elsa in this adorable glitter shirt. ($13.97; childrensplace.com)

To channel your inner Elsa, Anna or Kristoff at any age. (Starting at $300, columbia.com)

’Frozen 2’ Toys and Tech:

With over 14 phrases and the ability to sing, this Princess Elsa interactive doll brings the magic. ($29.88; walmart.com)

This lifesize Playdate Sven has an interactive sounds and will even eat an interactive “carrot” (carrot included). ($89; walmart.com)

Recreate all your favorite scenes from Arendelle castle with this 4-by-5-foot playset, complete with lights and a balcony. ($199; walmart.com)

Ever want to play Monopoly with a Sven or Elsa figure? Well, you can with this “Frozen 2”-themed Monopoly. ($19.99; target.com)

The Follow-Me Friend Olaf brings some magic to life when he follows the snowflake controller. ($36.88; walmart.com)

This playset includes Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Sven, Kristof and a sled! ($79.99; walmart.com)

Bring your drawings of Olaf, Elsa and Anna to life with the “Frozen 2” Super Starter Kit by Osmo. ($59.99; target.com)

Belt out “Let It Go” with this Bluetooth-enabled karaoke machine that’s themed to “Frozen.” ($49.97; walmart.com)

Show off your favorite “Frozen” characters in a cute emoji design with these iPhone cases. ($39.95; shopdisney.com)

Play or cuddle with this plush version of the loveable reindeer Sven. ($22.95; shopdisney.com)

The Kano Disney “Frozen 2” Coding Kit will let you code to enable magic moments with your hand. Via the included sensor, you can wave your hand to start a blizzard. ($79.99; amazon.com)

This family doll set lets you build your own “Frozen” adventures. ($39.99; target.com)

Cuddle up with this fuzzy creature. ($11.95; shopdisney.com)

’Frozen 2’ Home:

This “Frozen” Elsa & Anna Bed in A Bag comes with an Elsa pillowcase and a themed comforter. (starting at $49.98; walmart.com)

Spice up your baking or cooking with this “Frozen”-themed spatula ($6; target.com)

This two-pack of plastic tumblers with built-in straws lets you show off Anna or Elsa. ($10; target.com)

This Elsa and Anna weighted blanket will keep you warm and cozy. ($49.99, walmart.com)

A “Frozen”-themed bath set is fun splash around with. ($16.95, shopdisney.com)

This Olaf lamp will light up your dullest day. ($15.74,walmart.com)

Swell has a full line of “Frozen”-themed water bottles and containers. (starting at $14.99; swell.com)

This bed canopy will make you feel like you’re in a fairy tale. ($19.88, walmart.com)

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.