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Deciding which fitness tracker to buy for a kid just became more complicated, thanks to the newly announced “Frozen 2” and “Star Wars” bands for Garmin’s Vivofit Jr. 2.

These fitness trackers are available to order for $69.99 each, with shipments starting next week.

Vivofit Jr. 2 trackers keep up with your kids’ steps, record their sleep, are swim friendly, have a color display and have a battery life of “more than a year.”

It’s not enough to know your kid’s favorite color when shopping for a fitness band. You now need to know if their allegiance is with the light side or the dark side, thanks to the “Star Wars” band.

The orange “Star Wars” Vivofit Jr. 2 represents the light side, complete with BB-8 etched on the band. The dark side is represented by a red band and is adorned with familiar faces.

“Frozen 2” fans can pick between a purple band with Anna on it or a light blue band with Elsa.

In addition to the themed bands, Garmin also announced two Vivofit Jr. app adventures. The “Frozen” bands unlock Into the Unknown — A Frozen 2 Adventure, where kids can interact with Olaf and collect digital crystals as they work toward their 60 minutes of daily activity.

The “Star Wars” bands unlock the Skywalker Saga adventure, where kids can unlock credits and explore the galaxy by staying active while wearing the band.

Garmin sells extra themed bands for $29.99, allowing your kid to switch from “Frozen 2” to Minnie Mouse, or from “Star Wars” to Spider-Man.

The new bands look great and offer more options to an already impressive kid-friendly product. And the fact that the Vivofit Jr. 2 band doesn’t require regular charging is appealing since kids can forget to put their tech on (or take it off) the charger.

Order Vivofit Jr. 2’s “Star Wars” or “Frozen 2” bands today.

Note: The price above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.