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For the parents who jealously watch their trick-or-treating children dive into pillowcases full of Halloween candy, Hershey and Yuengling are thinking of you. And they’ve teamed up to brew a new grown-up treat, just in time for sweet-tooth season.

The result? Yuengling Hershey’s Chocolate Porter.

It’s a sugary spin on Yuengling’s dark-brewed porter recipe. And it makes an already rich brew even richer with caramel and a hefty helping of the ubiquitous candy brand’s chocolate.

The brewing company says the brew pairs well with cheese, smoky barbeque and, well, more chocolate. Sugar begets sugar.

It’s staying off shelves for now, but it’ll be available on tap in scattered bars and restaurants in 13 states (including Hershey’s birthplace, Pennsylvania) and Washington, DC.

The chocolate porter’s run starts before Halloween and ends right around another dessert-centric holiday, Valentine’s Day.

Is a pint of sweet beer a good enough excuse to ditch the roses and chocolate-covered strawberries? That’s up to the sipper.

Of course, there’s still alcohol in the beer—4.7% by volume, to be exact—so cocoa fiends under 21 will have to stick to hot chocolate for now.

It’s certainly not the first chocolaty brew, and it won’t be the last. But it’s tough to complain when two centuries-old brands bring two beloved vices, chocolate and beer, right where they belong—together.