Obama portrait artist unveils latest work and 'call to arms' in Times Square

The sculpture "Rumors of War" is unveiled in New York City's Times Square on September 27, 2019.

(CNN)Kehinde Wiley, the artist best known for his portrait of former President Barack Obama, unveiled his first monumental public sculpture in Times Square on Friday.

"Rumors of War," Wiley's largest work to date, mimics the equestrian portraiture of Confederate statues such as that of Gen. James Ewell Brown "Jeb" Stuart in Richmond, Virginia, according to a statement from the Times Square Alliance, a nonprofit organization that promotes Times Square.
But this statue's subject is definitely not a Confederate general.
Members of the Malcom Shabazz High School marching band, from Newark, New Jersey, perform at the the unveiling of artist Kehinde Wiley's sculpture "Rumors of War."
Atop a bronze horse carefully crafted by Wiley sits a young African-American subject with dreadlocks, dressed in a hoodie sweatshirt and jeans torn at the knee. Similarly to Stuart in his statue, the young man is also looking back over his shoulder.
    Artist Kehinde Wiley speaks at the unveiling of his new work.
    Wiley, a graduate of Yale University's School of Art, spoke at the unveiling, saying the story started with going to Virginia and "seeing the (Confederate)monuments that lined the streets."
    "I'm a black man walki