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A vital aspect of running a business is collecting and analyzing data. You can make this process far more straightforward with The Mastering Tableau Certification Bundle.

This $25 bundle contains over 18 hours of content geared toward helping you understand and utilize the Tableau Data Visualization Tool. This tool, called Tableau for short, is an invaluable asset to anyone looking to understand and respond to business trends. The lessons in this bundle focus heavily on the creation of data visualizations, helpful ways to display and interpret said trends.

With this bundle, the courses build on each other to help you specifically understand how to build visual data models. “Create Powerful, Effective Visualizations to Help Analyze Your Data Using Tableau 10” is a course that focuses on teaching you the basics of Tableau. You can learn how to devise and create charts of varying complexity, which in turn should allow you to adjust your business operations.

Lessons like “Learn & Master the Art of Creating Insightful Visualizations From Complex Sets of Data” build upon previous ones, introducing more concepts and techniques that are possible with Tableau. Among them are ways to set up more advanced calculations and data interpretation methods, as well as improve visual design for maximum readability.

To truly understand where your business is going and to inform future operations, you must have a grip on your data. The Mastering Tableau Certification Bundle is a great source for those looking to learn how to use Tableau, or those who wish to hone their data interpretation skills. If you want to visualize the inner workings of your business, grab this bundle and get started.

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