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The Nintendo Switch Lite is small, portable, and oh-so colorful. But unlike its bigger sibling, the Switch Lite’s controllers aren’t removable, meaning they can’t be used for multiplayer gaming or for those times when you just want to prop up the sit back and get another round of Mario Kart in.

Enter the $25 8BitDo Lite. Announced on Friday, this Bluetooth controller looks like the near-perfect companion for the Switch Lite. It, too, is small, portable and oh-so colorful and looks like something we’d expect from Nintendo.

In fact, the two colors options – yellow and turquoise – match two of the Switch Lites’ color options. We can’t blame 8BitDo for not matching the gray Switch Lite.

The 8BitDo Lite ditches joysticks for two Dpads, giving it a retro look and feel. Don’t worry, the rest of your Switch buttons and controls are still there, albeit with a tweaked layout.

You can connect the 8BitDo Lite to the Switch Lite with a wired, USB-C connection, as well as wirelessly via Bluetooth.

You aren’t limited to using the 8BitDo Lite with just the Switch Lite, it will, of course, work with the larger Switch as well as Windows, Steam, and Raspberry Pi.

8BitDo is taking preorders for the controller, with a launch date of Oct. 30.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.