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Imagine sitting next to an airline passenger with an unusual “talent.” Believe, for just a moment, you were able to fly among the clouds. Watch a real-life superhero reignite your love for Spider-man. These are the must-see videos for the week.

’This was not a good idea’

A Washington woman thought she was being creative with a photo op, and it really came back to bite her. Literally. She posed for a picture with an octopus on her face, which was caught during a fishing competition, and it bit her face, injecting its painful venom.

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Photographer captures ocean rescue in real time

Holy moly

Pope Francis showed a rare moment of frustration after a woman grabbed his hand and wouldn’t let go. He later apologized for the “bad example” he displayed.

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Judge in disbelief after DA breaks rule in Amber Guyger trial

Eagle eyes

When it comes to spotting medical problems, Denise Richards has several fans to thank. During a reunion show of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” some viewers reached out to the actress online after noticing an enlarged thyroid.

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Reporter calls out the man who kissed her on live TV

’The boy was quite scared’

A curious 3-year-old fell into a manhole after stepping on a broken cover in southwest China’s Guizhou Province. The boy’s father was able to pull his son out as bystanders looked on. Fortunately, he only suffered from minor bruising after taking a tumble.

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Late-night hosts take on Trump impeachment inquiry

Frequent flyer

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Video captures girl's very close call with a wild coyote