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September 27, 2019

A day after we explained a phone call at the center of a controversy involving President Trump, we’re looking into the whistleblower complaint concerning the call. Afterward, we’re taking a historic look at the impeachment process and examining what the U.S. Constitution says about it. Our other stories explore what it’s like to work on an offshore wind farm and where you can experience the world’s longest water slide.


1. In what nation is the community of Marsh Harbor, where more than 1 billion pounds of trash were lying around three weeks after Hurricane Dorian made landfall there?

2. Name the U.S. landmark that was completed in 1884 and recently reopened after repairs and renovations, including changes to its historically unreliable elevator.

3. In what country, where more than 95 percent of the population owns a smartphone, does the government offer camps to help young people unplug from the devices?

4. Name the historic, 178-year-old British travel company that suddenly went out of business last weekend, while hundreds of thousands of its customers were on vacation.

5. What country is the world’s biggest producer and consumer of coal, a source of energy that’s both inexpensive and controversial?

6. In which chamber of Congress did Democrats announce they were moving forward with an impeachment inquiry concerning U.S. President Donald Trump?

7. If the congressional chamber referenced in question 6 eventually votes for impeachment, what chamber is likely to acquit President Trump, allowing him to stay in office?

8. A red haze, which appears when tiny particles of pollution scatter sunlight, was caused by forest fires recently in what island nation?

9. This week was an awareness week dedicated to the welfare of what animal, which is the largest mammal in the weasel family?

10. How many U.S. presidents have been impeached, though each trial ended in an acquittal and allowed the leader to stay in office?

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