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Not all Amazon products see the light of day. Amazon Day 1 Editions aims to solve that. Amazon Echo Frames, 31-gram glasses, don’t feature a display or a screen. Instead, thanks to speakers and microphones, Alexa is able to go with you.

There are directional microphones built into the left and right side of the Echo Frames, which are similar to Bose Frames. In a brief demo, I asked Alexa about the weather and she responded with the temperature and forecast for the week. Similarly, I asked Alexa to play Bruce Springsteen. “Glory Days” kicked in.

Tap the right side of the frame and you can pause or stop something that is playing or Alexa talking. It’s pretty simple, but in my demo, a double-tap didn’t resume music playback. Instead, you have to ask Alexa to play your tunes.

Jacob Krol/CNN

Via the Alexa app for iOS or Android, you’ll be able to customize which notifications arrive through the Frames. After all, you don’t want to receive each and every ping. You can also turn the microphone on or off.

As someone who wears glasses on a daily basis, the Echo Frames are comfortable. While Amazon isn’t selling them with prescription lenses, you’ll be able to swap them. You can expect around 14 hours of battery life from the Echo Frames.

So when can you get these? Well as part of the Day 1 Editions, the Echo Frames start at $179.99. You can request an invite from Amazon here.

Amazon is also launching Echo Loop, which is a smart ring. It’s a black titanium frame on the outside with a stainless steel inner ring. Microphones and speakers, along with the other tech, like connectivity and a processor, are inside the Loop. You can activate Alexa via a discrete button that you click, raise the Loop to your mouth and ask a question. Then you’ll move Loop to your ear and listen to Alexa’s response.

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It’s a unique product for sure and seems best for situations where you have a quick question. It could be good for trivia, a fun fact and even the weather. You’ll know when you activate Alexa through haptic feedback.

Similar to Echo Frames, this will connect to your iOS or Android device over Bluetooth. Also, the Echo Loop is available by invite only for $129.99. You can request an invite here.

Note: The price above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.