Catherine Zeta-Jones posted the picture on her Instagram Stories.
Catherine Zeta Jones/Instagram
Catherine Zeta-Jones posted the picture on her Instagram Stories.
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Hollywood star Catherine Zeta-Jones has shared a photo with father-in-law Kirk Douglas on Instagram as she and husband Michael Douglas celebrated their birthdays.

Zeta-Jones turned 50 as Michael Douglas celebrated his 75th birthday, and the pair marked the occasion with Michael’s 102-year-old father, movie legend Kirk Douglas.

The award-winning actress posted an image on her Instagram Stories showing herself with her arms around Kirk while she holds his hand.

She added the caption: “Last night dinner with Pappy.”

Zeta-Jones, who has 2.8 million followers on Instagram, gave fans a rare glimpse of Kirk, who has largely disappeared from the public eye.

However his son Michael also recently posted a photo with his father, uploading a shot of the pair together on the set of “Hail, Hero!” in 1969.

Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas attended the Emmy Awards in Los Angeles together Sunday.

Douglas was nominated for the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series award for the role of Sandy Kominsky in “The Kominsky Method,” which aired on Netflix.

The pair have been married for 19 years and have two children together.