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Eero, the mesh Wi-Fi company that Amazon owns, is unveiling the all-new Eero. It’s a mesh Wi-Fi puck like we’ve seen, but this one puts the emphasis on simplicity. It’s available at $99 for one or $249 for a three pack.

One of these all-new Eeros should cover around 1,500 square feet, but mileage may vary depending on the environment or materials of your home. Each additional Eero will expand the coverage, and when used in conjunction, it will intelligently connect devices to each access point.

In addition to software enhancements, the all-new Eero has dual-band radios inside. Even better: you should be able to set up the whole home in just 10 minutes or less.

Jacob Krol/CNN

And Alexa will be able to control more of it. For instance, you can tell her to shut off Wi-Fi for a specific device, like a gaming console or tablet. This deeper level of control won’t be exclusive to Eero and other companies can make use of an open API.

The all-new Eero is available in a single configuration for $99 or a three pack for $249 from Amazon.

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