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Yes, it is OK to yell at your kids, if done the right way

(CNN)With every generation comes a new flavor of perfectionism, and today's perfect parent is mindfully mellow. No matter how hot it gets, she never loses her cool. Her breath remains slow and steady. Her voice, soft as a new moon.

I've seen many of the books, articles, memes, apps, oils, and bath products, designed to turn all of us into this parent. I try to take deep breaths. I try to remember the good stuff. But the Calm Industrial Complex, mighty and ubiquitous as it is, has yet to change the way I speak to my kids.
I yell. I'm from a family of yellers, from a culture of yellers. I consider the occasional raised voice well within the range of healthy human expression.
Also, I like yelling. Not raging, or even screaming, which I unscientifically distinguish from yelling as being angrier and more sustained. What I'm talking about is a quick cranking up the volume in order to transmit a message that failed to reach the intended recipient in my regular speaking voice.