We all know about the Amazon coat that has been selling like gangbusters the past two years, right? Right. Well, there’s a new viral sensation in town: Everyone, meet the Amazon nightgown dress.

OK, OK, it’s not really a nightgown, but thanks to its easy breezy, flowy cut, the powers that be (aka influencers) are calling it just that. You know something is trending when it has its own hashtag, and this dress got one early on, #AmazonNightgown.

Part “Little House on the Prairie,” part millennial partying all summer long in Montauk, the nightgown dress gives off major bohemian vibes and is reminiscent of Poupette St. Barth’s and Spell & the Gypsy Collective-style dresses … but at a fraction of the price.

Are you ready to hear how much this majorly-in-demand dress costs? Less than 30 bucks! Which is part of the reason why it’s blowing up on the ‘gram and beyond. We can’t not afford to give it a try. And it’s Prime with free returns, making it a no brainer.