A Georgia supermarket removed Irish Spring products ahead of the UGA-Notre Dame game. The company trolled back

A Georgia supermarket told customers that its Irish Spring products were out of stock ahead of the Georgia vs. Notre Dame college football game.

(CNN)A supermarket in Georgia wanted to make sure everyone knew exactly whose side they were on ahead of the University of Georgia vs. Notre Dame football game on Saturday night.

So Dill's Food City in north Georgia pulled all of the Irish Spring products from its shelves, in a dig at the seventh-ranked Fighting Irish.
"Sorry Dill's customers there will be no Irish Spring at our stores this week. Go Dawgs!" the store wrote on Facebook.
The Dawgs -- that's what fans of the UGA Bulldogs call themselves -- went wild.
    Soon enough, Irish Spring caught wind of the whole thing and shot back in true Fighting Irish fashion. But first, they had to actually make a Twitter account.
    Once they got that out of the way, Irish Spring engaged in some ace-level trolling, posting a photo of a stack of boxes full of soap, body washes and other cleaning items.
    "Hey @universityofga - Heard you were out of stock in Athens, GA. We're sending a little luck your way. Hoping for a good, clean game tomorrow!" Irish Spring tweeted.
      In a marketing stunt fit for 2019, Irish Spring took it even further.
      The company posted a picture of some of its staff at the tailgate in Athens, ready to distribute Irish Spring products to any Bulldog who decided to freshen up before the game.