Austin Dean of the Miami Marlins stuns the crowd with a perfect throw at a fan's beer pyramid

Miami Marlins outfielder Austin Dean reacts after connecting a double in the third inning against the Washington Nationals.

(CNN)Austin Dean of the Miami Marlins is already beloved by fans. But it wasn't his game play that rallied crowds on Friday.

During the Marlins' game against the Washington Nationals, fans built a giant beer can pyramid and urged Dean to take a shot.
The outfielder played along, throwing a baseball so smoothly he knocked off the top can while keeping the rest of the pyramid intact.
The precise hit left fans stunned.
    "AUSTIN DEAN, YOU KING," tweeted the Miami Marlins in response to the video.
    While fans were left clapping and cheering, that was their only celebration of the day. The Nationals beat the Marlins 6-4.