Siberian shaman arrested after traveling nearly 2,000 miles to 'exorcise' Putin

Amnesty International says Aleksandr Gabyshev was arrested by armed police nearly 2,000 miles into his walk to Moscow.

(CNN)A shaman on a 5,000-mile journey to "exorcise" President Vladimir Putin has been arrested by Russian armed police, a human rights organization has said.

Amnesty International said Thursday that Aleksandr Gabyshev is a "Siberian shaman walking across Russia to Moscow and promising to use his magic powers to 'purge' President Vladimir Putin in 2021."
Speaking in a video on his Instagram account, Gabyshev called Putin "a beast, a fiend of hell, the son of Satan," and said the purpose of his trip to Moscow was to "exorcise" the Russian leader.
Amnesty said armed and masked law enforcement officials "encircled" Gabyshev's camp near the village of Vydrino, in the Russian republic of Buyratia, and "took away the shaman" on Thursday.