Google Doodle celebrates Mexican-American botanist and explorer Ynés Mexía

(CNN)Google kicked off the first day of Hispanic Heritage Month with a Doodle tribute to Mexican-American botanist and explorer Ynés Mexía.

In the Doodle, created by Los Angeles-based artist Loris Lora, Mexía is depicted with short gray hair and glasses and is surrounded by a collection of plant specimens that loosely spell out the word "Google."
"I wasn't aware of who Ynés Mexía was, but when I started the project and researched her life, I was amazed at her accomplishments," Lora said in a Q&A with Google. "She found her passion at 55 years and did so much in her short career."
Mexía was born in 1870 in Washington, D.C., to Mexican diplomat Enrique Mexía and Sarah Wilmer. She spent most of her childhood in Texas, and moved around a lot before she settled in San Francisco. After a short stint as a social worker, Mexía found her true calling when she was in her fifties.
    She joined the local Sierra Club and in 1921, enrolled in botany classes at the University of California at Berkeley. Four years later, she started her career as a botanist and explorer.