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David Cameron has finally broken his silence on Brexit, admitting some people “will never forgive” him for holding the referendum.

The former UK prime minister launched an extraordinary attack on his successor, Boris Johnson, who is in the same Conservative Party. Cameron said he disagreed with the current PM Boris Johnson’s recent tactics and added he believed a second vote on Brexit may still be possible.

“Taking the whip from hard-working Conservative MPs and sharp practices using prorogation of Parliament have rebounded,” he said in an interview with The Times published Friday.

“I didn’t support either of those things. Neither do I think a no-deal Brexit is a good idea.”

Cameron is currently promoting his new memoir “For The Record,” which will be published next week.

Addressing the anger he has faced over his decision to call a Brexit referendum, he said some people “will never forgive me for holding a referendum.”

David Cameron with his family on the day he stepped down as prime minister.

“Others for holding it and losing it. There are, of course, all those people who wanted a referendum and wanted to leave who are glad that a promise was made and a promise was kept.”

He said he thinks about the referendum “every day.”

“Every single day I think about it, the referendum and the fact that we lost and the consequences and the things that could have been done differently, and I worry desperately about what is going to happen next.”

He campaigned for the UK to remain part of the bloc, lost and ultimately stepped down and left politics. He has withdrawn from the public eye, rarely giving interviews and attending public events.

“It pains me what has happened and the fact that we lost and the mistakes I made,” Cameron said.

He added he believed a second referendum might be the way forward to break the current deadlock. “I don’t think you can rule it out because we’re stuck.”